Monday, April 8, 2013

Yom HaShoah

Today at 10:00am, the sirens rang and all of Israel stopped what we were doing. For two minutes, Israel stood still in memory of the six million who were killed in the Holocaust.

Words cannot describe the power and beauty of those two minutes of communal and personal remembrance. It is a ritual unique to Israel that is a symbol of our unity as a people. No matter what our battles between each other at all other times, in our mourning, we stand in silence together.

May the memories of the six million, some of whose stories we know and others we do not, lead each of us to live lives of righteousness. May kindness, compassion and a love for all humanity guide our every action.  May we have the strength to protect each other and to comfort each other no matter what befalls us. May we have the wisdom to learn from the terrible mistakes of humanity in order to create a world more kind and more just than we have ever known. May we use the blessing of our very lives to bring blessing to all people.

May this be God's will.

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